CLEAR Communication begins with Clarity


In keeping with my theme for CLEAR Communication, let’s first look at what the C represents—Clarity.  Clarity, to me, is being in touch with the end result of what you want to say and being aware of how you are saying the words to get your point across.

When sharing conversation with someone…..Clarity is key. If you aren’t crystal clear on the what, why and how of your communication, no one else will be either. Failure to clarify is where most communication jumps the rails.

Use, or develop, your self-awareness to become hyper conscious of how you are communicating, as well as what you are communicating.

What is your intention in this specific communication?

To share information?

To receive information?

To express appreciation?

To correct or provide constructive feedback?

To champion someone’s efforts?

Something else?

Or is it possible that your intention is to make the other person feel bad, or to elevate yourself? Being honest with yourself by checking in first, sets you and the other person up for the best results.

Before responding to a question or situation, ask yourself what the bigger picture is. What does the other person really need from you? And what is it you are expecting?

By having clarity in your intention at the onset, it makes getting to the end point a much smoother ride.

Next time, I’ll be back with information regarding listening for a guide to better communication in relationships.  It’s not as easy as you may think!

Ellen Nastir

Ellen Nastir

About The Author

Ellen Nastir is a certified professional coach with advanced training in Positive Intelligence, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and Positive Psychology. Certified in virtual training, she works with individuals, teams and businesses in person and virtually.