Leadership Accelerator

Imagine if you could fast-track your leadership journey, avoiding the typical pitfalls many leaders experience and reducing the learning curve to executive management. The Leadership Accelerator helps new and aspiring leaders do just that to accelerate career growth.

How It Works

More than a leadership program, the Leadership Accelerator is an immersive and interactive experience facilitated by expert Ellen Nastir, M.Ed., PCC. Participants join a small group of 8 to 12 peers from diverse backgrounds and industries to learn and connect together, emerging prepared to lead and succeed with purpose and impact.

  • Six-month leadership program
  • 12 90-minute virtual group learning sessions
  • Seven 30-minute Positive Intelligence® group meetings and access to an app with short daily exercises
  • Access to proprietary assessment tools and personalized results, including PeopleMap™, the Conflict Dynamics Profile® for individuals and Positive Intelligence®
  • Three one-on-one coaching calls for ongoing accountability
  • Networking and relationship-building with like-minded peers

    Group Learning Sessions

    • Full-day Leadership, On-ground Equine Experience
    • PeopleMap™ Assessment — Understanding Yourself & Others
    • Positive Intelligence: Building Your Mental Fitness for Courageous Leadership
    • Values for Your Personal Mission Statement
    • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
    • Difficult Conversations Don’t Have to Be Difficult
    • How to Offer & Receive Feedback
    • Team Toxins and Relationship Enhancers
    • Managing Conflict in the Workplace & Conflict Dynamics Profile® Individual Assessment
    • The Science of Well-being: How to Manage Work and Life Stressors
    • Building an Executive Mindset & Avoiding Imposter Syndrome
    • Closing & Group Discussion

    Ellen has been a critical part of our firm’s staff development and my personal success. Her unique way of teaching has empowered our employees to better serve our clients while creating a stronger team bond. This learning experience is already helping our young leaders succeed and our firm thrive.

    CEO and participant

    Expected Outcomes

    • Strengthen your leadership presence and influence
    • Feel more confident and comfortable managing difficult situations
    • Develop greater self-awareness and improve communication with others
    • Recognize personal stress reactions and how to lessen their impact
    • Understand how and why to prioritize well-being to lead others effectively
    • Improve internal self-dialogue
    • Know how to foster and champion a positive workplace culture
    • Belong to a trusted community of leaders for encouragement and accountability

    Program Investment

    The six-month Leadership Accelerator program is an investment in your future. The cost is $2,450 per person with a special rate for non-profits of $1,950 and includes all group learning sessions, individual coaching calls and access to proprietary leadership assessments. Contact us about pricing for your team.

    There is a one-time fee of $139 that covers the cost of all course materials. You may purchase additional coaching sessions and/or join a monthly mastermind group following program completion for continued accountability and ongoing learning.

    Learn More & Register

    Schedule a free session to learn more about the program from facilitator Ellen Nastir and register as an individual or a team.

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