Positive Intelligence

Positive Change. Improved Performance.

  • Say goodbye to the drama in your head, the woulda-shoulda-coulda stories, and the feeling that you are not enough.
  • Say goodbye to stressors, frustration and fatigue.
  • Say goodbye to distractions and challenging relationships.

Our thoughts have a strong influence on our day. So let’s change the narrative so you can energize your life and work. With mental fitness, you learn how to alter that script. That leads to performing better, improving your well-being, and enriching your relationships.

With mental fitness, you navigate life’s challenges without stress!

The Difference Between Knowing and Doing

Just because we know how to eat properly and exercise for a healthy body doesn’t mean we apply that to our lives, right? We have to take action: choose to eat right and make time for exercise.

Boosting your mental fitness is very similar. The insight about your mental fitness is beneficial, and you need to take action to create the habits that build powerful fitness in your brain.

Unlock Your Potential with Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Envision ending every day thinking, “I handled the challenges that occurred today without being overly stressed and anxious! I actually feel calm.” That is an incredible acknowledgement to make each day. It’s something you can achieve with Positive Intelligence (PQ).

PQ is the best predictor of how happy you are AND how well you maximize your potential, because a positive frame of mind energizes your day.

Ellen: Your Positive Intelligence Coach

With Ellen’s collaboration with Shirzad Charmine, Stanford-lecturer and NY Times bestseller, she brings you an extremely effective way to unlock your potential. As a Positive Intelligence Coach, Ellen leads you toward breakthrough results in both life and work. She goes beyond insights to give you actual tools for implementation as well as the PQ app which provides daily exercises to build your mental muscles.

Ellen guides individuals and teams to take clear-headed, laser-focused, decisive action that is aligned with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Whether individually or with group coaching, you build the new neural pathways that create long-lasting habits for positivity, bringing happiness and improved performance.

Your Complimentary Assessment

The first step in this intriguing dive into overcoming the negative and building the positive is taking the complimentary assessment. So let’s get started …


BIG NOTE: Once you complete the assessment, check your inbox for your insightful report. This email will come from “Shirzad | Positive Intelligence” (you may need to check your spam or bulk mail folders). One more thing … please email your report to Ellen ([email protected]) to take the next steps together.


Raving about PQ with Ellen

For me, I realized that I have a lot of anxiety and stress caused mainly by head trash. I’ve studied EQ programs and such but this program was the first time I was able to really sort through the voices in my head. The way the program demonstrates how the brain works and labels the saboteurs was a huge breakthrough for me. Life changing definitely. I am excited about being able to master the program and its techniques to really help me in this area.

One example from this morning — I was lying in bed after the alarm went off and the “judge” saboteur started early. This morning, the Judge was telling me that I had not prepared enough for a big client presentation I was giving that day. I could feel the anxiety rolling in like a strong cold front. I had not even started my day. Instead of feeding into it, I said to myself “oh, that’s just the judge stirring up trouble” and I did a few PQ reps (with my finger tips). Then the fog lifted, and as it turns out, I had a great day. Honestly, this was really the first time where I tried this without being prompted by the PQ app. Another breakthrough for me.

Bill Fries, Chief Executive Officer, Hiregy

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