Who We Are

After years of growth in the training and coaching world, Ellen Nastir’s professional programs have evolved into Innovative Team Solutions. Working hand-in-hand with office teams, business owners, office managers, and boards of directors, Innovative Team Solutions helps non-profits, organizations, and small-to-midsize businesses create a more positive work environment resulting in a better overall bottom-line performance.

From coaching and training to speaking engagements, whether in-person or virtually, the ultimate goal is to shift the perspective. Just as a twist of the kaleidoscope completely changes your view, so do the tools that Innovative Team Solutions brings to your work environment. We train people to better understand themselves and the perspectives of other team members. Such insight brings about positive change and improved organizational performance. Take us for a spin!

One click. Positive change. Improved performance.

When the founder was going through a challenging time in her own life, a song from the Lion King became the cornerstone for her thoughts. Elton John wrote the following words for Can You Feel the Love Tonight:

There’s a time for everyone if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn

Ellen realized how one small action, as a twist in the kaleidoscope, can change an entire picture. Similarly, how a small shift in one’s perspective in an office team can help change the entire mood. This kaleidoscope imagery became the foundation for the branding of Innovative Team Solutions.


“Kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek.
Kalos – beautiful
Eidos – that which is seen
Skopeo – to look, to examine
Resulting in kaleidoscope: the observation of beautiful forms.