A gift – that’s what my team calls Ellen’s monthly sessions with us. In a short period of time, she helped us understand who we are as individuals and how to better interact with each other. By being more aware of each other’s individual styles, we’re more respectful of one another and communicating dramatically better. We love Ellen’s upbeat, warm and positive style. She keeps everyone engaged, uplifted and ready for more. Ellen is a big part of the Hiregy team’s success!

Bill Fries, Chief Executive Officer, Hiregy

I have been working with Ellen for 15 weeks through her Positive Intelligence program, and it has been life changing! Following the plan closely for the first six weeks really made the difference and Ellen was there coaching all along the way. Now I have incorporated the PQ reps into my daily life and it has truly modified my thinking in such a positive way as I approach a situation or reflect on my day. I can’t thank Ellen enough for introducing me to the PQ program and helping me navigate through it.

Lee Behensky, Executive Director, Quantum Leap Farm

Ellen is a terrific speaker and trainer. I’ve attended her sessions, seen her in action many times and she’s worked with my teams in various capacities. She’s great at engaging an audience, building teams, and motivating individuals. She is one of our top rated speakers and everyone is eager to attend her trainings. I am thankful for all that she does to invest in the personal development of others, especially our Girl Scouts!

Jessica Muroff, Former CEO, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida; Current CEO, United Way Suncoast

I endorse and recommend Ellen wholeheartedly. My work with her over the past year plus has been nothing short of transformational for me. Each time Ellen and I meet, with her help, I move a little bit closer to becoming the best version of myself. I also owe Ellen a tremendous debt of gratitude for alerting me to and guiding me through the Positive Intelligence program. It has helped me perceive life, work, and my own personal growth in ways I never thought possible. The program and its’ teachings have now become an integral part of my daily routine. If you are looking for a coach, you can’t do better than Ellen Nastir.

Cory A. Brandfon, Esq.

We contacted Ellen when we were at a crossroads with two members of our team who had developed a long history of not working well together. We had tried several different options to bring about resolution, but to no avail. Within two joint coaching sessions with Ellen, not only were they on track, but they surpassed our hopes of what could be attained for a first-rate and cohesive working relationship. What was once a difficult and burdensome relationship for both parties, as well as our company, has transformed into one of respect and dialogue.

Don Powell, Director of Human Resources, Melitta USA, Inc.

Ellen is one of our most popular trainers here at the Nonprofit Leadership Center. She brings a deep knowledge of and passion for relationships and what makes people – and teams – successful. I have witnessed her engage board members, CEO’s and program staff in a self discovery journey allowing them to both know themselves better and work together in a more productive manner. We have used Ellen to launch new cohort/trust circle programs, and she is always their favorite, and most memorable, part of the process. In addition to all of this, she is a genuine delight to work with. I always come away a stronger and happier person having spoken with Ellen.

Emily Benham, CEO, Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

Ellen Nastir recently facilitated a Leadership Development Retreat, using PeopleMap Assessment Methodologies to over 40 Gulf Coast JFCS employees. The overall program objective of PeopleMap training was to create more efficient communication and working relationships for team and partner cohesiveness. The Leadership Team continues to provide feedback, such as, “we truly enjoyed our day with Ellen, she offered a lot of meaningful tips surrounding Coaching, and Mentoring, which I will use in my day-to-day practice!”
It is VERY evident that Ellen has a great deal of experience, knowledge and passion around Leadership Development and I would recommend her to work with any agency!

Great Experience!!!

Terri Balliet, COO, Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services

Ellen Nastir has been instrumental in coaching our leadership team through a time of transition. She has a unique ability to inspire, motivate and develop leaders during a process of identifying and defining shared goals. Our leadership team was able to recognize unique methods of leadership style and consider collaborative ways to interact for the most productive engagement. Through Ellen’s consultation, our leadership team has collaboratively implemented strategies required to meet our organizational goals.

As an attendee of a number of Ellen Nastir’s engaging conference workshops and trainings, I highly recommend her for those participants seeking inspiration, motivation and insight through the lens of emotional intelligence. Ellen is thorough, relatable and cognizant of her audience.

Elizabeth Reedy-Foley, CEO, Frameworks of Tampa Bay

Our staff has the distinct pleasure of working with Ellen! We started with the PeopleMapTM System, and it created such meaningful results that we continue to engage Ellen. She has an energetic approach that provokes the staff to really appreciate their co-workers and have an understanding of why they make certain choices and the behaviors they engage in. She initially came into our practice at a real time of need and was able to make our staff meeting fun while providing everyone with a new understanding of each other. We always look forward to Ellen’s team coaching and training with our staff!

Neely Jordan, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Wave Orthodontics

I invited Ellen into our law firm to assist the members of the firm to communicate more effectively with each other individually and within our work teams. We have been incredibly happy with the results. We understand each other better, communicate more clearly, and feel stronger for having Ellen as part of our culture.
We incorporated the people-mapping exercise into a half-day firm retreat, and the results continue to enhance both our work product and the team atmosphere. From a cost/benefit perspective, Ellen’s contributions to our firm have been tremendous.

Nancy Hutcheson Harris, Esquire, Harris & Hunt, P.A.

I’ve known Ellen in a professional capacity now for four years, and have been thrilled to recommend her as a coach and consultant to the many nonprofit organizations and leaders I served.
In 2020, though, I had the amazing opportunity to work with her myself during the six-week Positive Intelligence (PQ) program.

The PQ program was absolutely transformational for me. I’ve struggled with negative self-talk and other sabotaging thoughts and behaviors my whole life. Within a week of starting to practice the PQ technique I was noticeably calmer—during what was actually one of the most hectic periods at work I’ve ever experienced. Over the six-weeks, I learned to recognize and silence my Judge and build up my Sage. The PQ reps were easy to work into my day—and I could see the immediate as well as cumulative benefits for each session.

The app and program have been invaluable to me. And Ellen’s coaching helped me personalize the lessons even more. Our discussions helped me explore what I was learning and broaden my application of the techniques.

I’ve entered the new year with increased positivity and the confidence I can face every challenge that comes my way—personal or professional.

Jennifer Dodd, National Strategies PR

Ellen is a skilled facilitator with expertise in Interpersonal Communications, Team Building and Personality/Communication-style Assessments. I have attended her sessions both at conferences and in smaller groups, and the energy is the same. Her “People-mapping” and “Strengthen Your Core Values” sessions are “must attends” for every professional who desires to work smart and in ways that are congruent with innate “wiring.” What I most enjoy about Ellen’s sessions is her commitment to engaging, explorative, experiential learning. She fosters organic self- discovery and the multiple “aha moments” are a wonderful value add.

Natasha Pierre, Mental Health Educator

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several of Ellen’s presentations, and a few networking opportunities she has hosted. Every single time, I have come away with something tangible that I can use to further develop my leadership skills. In some cases it was a specific learning outcome and others, it was just the way she said the one thing I really needed to hear to get past my own challenges. Ellen’s guidance is a gift!

Allison Rapp, Health Strategy Consultant

It was a great meeting and I have only heard wonderful feedback! Amazing that you could get to the heart of the matter and get some great positive solutions in 2 hours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

This morning has been very hectic with the phones and new patients, but have been doing our new system and despite the craziness, there are only smiles up front! Hooray!!!

Janet DuPont, DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry

The work Ellen did with our team was invaluable. We learned so much about each other and ourselves. We can now communicate more effectively and appreciate each other for their unique strengths and talents. We would highly recommend Innovative Team Solutions for any business interested in increasing their employee retention and improving overall employee communication.

Suzanne Johnson, Owner/Administrator, Bayshore Home Care

Ellen’s flexibility added to the overall success of our team’s retreat. Our interactions and learning were strengthened even further by her adaptability to “go with the flow” following a lunch discussion that was too worthwhile to stop. Without missing a beat, she guided us through some critical issues and had us brainstorming and making commitments to ourselves and each other in a short period of time! Ellen created an environment of trust which allowed everyone to feel safe in expressing themselves. In our follow-up meeting with her a few weeks later, the impact of the results we saw in ourselves and each other were tremendous!

Tammy Criolo, President & CEO at Seniors in Service of Tampa Bay, Inc.

Ellen is a great coach and trainer. She is particularly good at making teams more efficient by teaching them how to communicate and collaborate better based on individual strengths. I highly recommend Ellen to any organization who are looking to improve team collaboration as well as client relationships.

Venera Jordan, Digital Transformation | Sales, Marketing, Service, Customer Experience, and Legal Compliance | Program Manager

Ellen’s presentation at the Florida Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference was a MAJOR hit. All of those who attended were totally engaged in her discussion and enjoyed every minute. She is an exciting and informative speaker for our standing-room-only audience!

Brant S. Bittner, Past President, Orange County Bar Association

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