Assessments and Training

Envision a training session that engages and motivates your team. Consider an outcome that delivers skill and knowledge that can be put into action immediately. Benefit from a transformation. Help your team … help your business.

You’ll see Innovative Team Solutions uses interactive experiences so your team learns about their own and others’ communication styles and how each particular style affects all of their interpersonal relationships. This straightforward approach teaches your employees how to immediately understand and relate to others more successfully.

Experience Transformations

  • Front office and back office working more cooperatively together
  • Reduction in the drama and conflict among staff
  • Better employee retention and relationships with each other
  • Raving patients/clients & customers who can’t wait to tell their friends about their office experience
  • Overall increase in employee productivity and efficiency
  • Less time on gossip or playing politics
  • More positivity in the workplace
  • Customer service skills

For those needing a training program on a custom topic or issue, on an initial consultation, we can discuss what you need based on the goals you want to achieve. Today’s trainings also tend to include well-being and wellness as well as mental fitness.

Studies show a happier and positive work environment keeps employees engaged and wanting to do their best. Also, as a Certified Virtual Facilitator, Ellen provides you with the flexibility needed for today’s virtual teams and meetings. Whether in-person or virtually, Innovative Team Solutions works to create positive change and improved performance.

Understand Yourself and Others’ Personalities – Navigate Social/Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Dynamics – Implement Appreciation at Work – Manage Change and Tension

Innovative Team Solutions offers you key areas to create positive change. Click on any of them to learn more.