Building Exceptional Teams


It’s always a good time to help your work teams become exceptional.

– Increase team cohesion
– Reduce communication issues
– Increase engagement
– Reduce stress
– Increase productivity
– Reduce conflict

Build Cohesive Teams

Ellen Nastir shines when it comes to helping build cohesive teams. Recently, in a four-hour session with Nonprofit Leadership Center (NLC) in the ballrooms at the Centre Club, she worked with multiple organizations and their teams to reveal each person’s personality and strengths as well as help them understand how they are perceived. This knowledge is integral in building strong teams.

Overcome Communication Pitfalls

When you take the time to delve into team toxins and learn how to overcome communication pitfalls, you can turn uncomfortable conversations into positive experiences for everyone.

Seeing light bulbs turn on for participants is one of the wonderful ways Ellen receives feedback, but glowing testimonials like those she received from that conference are always insightful as well. It was an honor for Ellen to work with the 185 attendees for this event and a delight to provide private workshops with several of the companies who wanted to learn even more!

New classes are in the works for NLC to deepen the learning from this amazing day. Stay tuned for the 2017 dates.

If you’re interested in building a cohesive team and learning the rules of communication, schedule your workshop with Ellen.

Ellen Nastir

Ellen Nastir

About The Author

Ellen Nastir is a certified professional coach with advanced training in Positive Intelligence, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and Positive Psychology. Certified in virtual training, she works with individuals, teams and businesses in person and virtually.