Abundant Splendor



Overwhelmed by the graciousness and insightfulness of a fellow Positive Psychology peer, Solange Jazayeri, I share with you her poem about me and my vision of the kaleidoscope. The click of the kaleidoscope sheds light in a new perspective and is my focus when Innovative Team Solutions has the privilege to work with companies and organizations.


Ellen- You inspire me. This poem was written with you in mind.

The different faces of a woman exist
as phases in a kaleidoscope do.
Life dialing new rotations to reveal new dimensions.
Dancing mosaics of color and light;
connecting, evolving and morphing into new reincarnations of herself.
Each colorful diagram a tribute to those they love, have loved, will love.

She reaches out to become more and more and more.
With each cycle of life, learn to love what you see.
For it isn’t in the colors that you exist, you are not one color,
you exist in every single translucent tile.
The intricate design of this woman,
Can only be seen by her soul, her light, shining through the prism
making the gallant dance possible
Find yourself in the light, for it is there you exist.

To dim your light, to not allow your light to shine in its abundant splendor, robs the world of witnessing the full spectrum of who you are meant to be.

Ellen Nastir

Ellen Nastir

About The Author

Ellen Nastir is a certified professional coach with advanced training in Positive Intelligence, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and Positive Psychology. Certified in virtual training, she works with individuals, teams and businesses in person and virtually.